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专 稿


博学、思想与愉悦  [法]米歇尔•冉刻 (张晋纬 译)

Michel Zink , translated by Zhang Jinwei , L'érudition, la pensée et le plaisir


孔子对中国文化的贡献——世界孔子学院日汪德迈访谈录  [法]汪德迈 [法]陈力川 (周春悦 译 [法]陈力川 校)

Léon Vandermeersch,Chen Lichuan , translated by Zhou Chunyue , proofread by Chen Lichuan , La contribution de Confucius à la culture Chinoise: Entretien avec Léon Vandermeersch à la journée mondiale Confucius


我的父亲,这位英雄  [法]香塔尔•汪德迈•达尔玛 (周小珊 译)

Chantal Vandermeersch Dalmas , translated by Zhou Xiaoshan , Mon père, ce héros


将跨文化学教科书列入21世纪通识教育系列教材——《跨文化研究的理论与方法》前言  乐黛云 陈越光

Yue Daiyun, Chen Yueguang , Textbook of "Transcultural Studies" Included in the Series of 21st Century Textbooks of General Education: A Foreword of the Theory and Method of Transcultural Studies


从跨文化的角度探究“绿色文明”——绿色文明与跨文化研究的对话(上)  李晓西

Li Xiaoxi , On the "Green Civilization" in Perspective of Transcultural Studies: A Dialogue Between the Green Civilization and Transcultural Studies(Part I)


文化转场研究的长时段、多空间——《文心雕龙》法译本序  [法]金丝燕

Jin Siyan , Transferts culturels: temps long at espace multi-dimensionnel: Préface version française du Wenxindiaolong


马国贤与科学汉学的诞生  [意]路易萨

Luisa Prudentino , Matteo Ripoa and Birth of Scientific Sinology


欧洲汉学——一种语言和文化交流的历史  [比]巴得胜

Bart Dessein , La sinologie européenne: une histoire de l'échange linguistique et culturel


中国文学的社会角色  董晓萍

Dong Xiaoping , The Performance of Chinese Literature as A Social Role


论 稿


中古汉语训诂与哲学翻译  [法]金丝燕

Jin Siyan , Philologie du moyen-chinois-traduction philosophique de l'Aggaññasutta


赫尔曼•黑塞论印度吠陀时期的宗教哲学  马 剑

Ma Jian , Hermann Hesse on the Philosophy of Religion in the Vedic Period of India


恩格斯的“划时代”文化发展观与中国“新的但丁”在意大利的“登陆”  李正荣

Li Zhengrong , Friedrich Engels's Idea of Cultural Evolution and Rethinking of Dante in China Today


居中营城:《周礼》与《政治学》所见中西早期城市街思想比较  郭 璐

Guo Lu , Located in the Center: The Comparative Study on the Thoughts of Site Select in Early and Western World Based on Rites of Zhou and Aristotle's Politics


新中国赴匈牙利汉语教学第一位中国老师郭预衡往事访谈录  黎 敏

Li Min , Interview on Prof. Guo Yuheng, the First Chinese Teacher to Hungary from the People's Republic of China in the 1950s


爱沙尼亚文学家扬•卡普林斯基的跨文化写作  高晶一

Gao Jingyi , Jaan Kaplinski, a First-class Writer of Estonia and His Transcultural Works


公共卫生、疾病与罪恶——1860-1880年间法国游记中的北京书写  鲍叶宁

Bao Yening , Public Hygiene, Illness and Evil: Writing about Beijing in French Travel Accounts from the 1860s to the 1880s


19世纪末、20世纪初英国流行文化中的中国  李 卓

Li Zhuo , China in British Popular Culture of the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries


新旧交往:话语想象与西方电影的“迁徙”——1920年代末印刷媒介中的百代公司电影宣传词探析  龚 力

Gong Li , Communication between the Old and the New, Discourse Imagination and the "Migration" of Western Films: An analysis of Pathe's Film Propaganda Words in the Late 1920s


新旧之间:民国时期湖南漂染业在艰难中发展  熊元彬

Xiong Yanbin , Between the New and the Old: Hunan's Bleaching and Dyeing Industry Was Developing Amidst Diffculties During the Republic of China


摆脱瓦格纳:交响乐结构与内心独白诗学渊源  李国辉

Li Guohui , Keeping away from Richard Wagner: On the Correlation between Symphonic Structure and the Poetics of the Inner Monologue


后人类视角下的科幻文学  毛郭平

Mao Guoping , Science Fiction Literature from the Post-human Perspective



    A Series of Far and Close Vision

远离故乡后的故乡  程正民

Chen Zhengmin , On Hometown While Looking It from Far away


师妹段晴  王邦维

Wang Bangwei , In Memory of My Classmate Duan Qing


生机勃勃的文学腹地——南亚文学之2019  图尔荪•克麦尔尼亚孜

Tursun Khamarniyazi , A Hinterland of Vibrant Literature: The Trends of South Asian Literature in 2019


短 讯


“中国东方学学科发展的回顾与展望——纪念季羡林教授诞辰110周年”学术研讨会述要  史 阳 乐 恒

Shi Yan, Yue Heng , Retrospect and Expectation of Eastern Culture and Society Research in China:A Seminar for Commemorating the 110th Anniversary of Professor Ji Xianlin at Peking University


第八届世界孔子日文化转场国际讨论会  [意]路易萨 刘 曼

Luisa Prudentino, Liu Man , The 8th. International Symposium at World Confucius Day On Cultural Transfer


青海师范大学开设研究生通识课“跨文化中国学研究方法论”  青海师范大学高科院丝路跨文化研究中心

Research Center for Silk Road on Qinghai-Tibetan in Transcultural Perspective , Postgraduate General Course of the First-level Discipline Chinese Language and Literautre of Qinghai Normal Universtiy on "Methodology of Transcultural Studies on Chinese Society and Culture" on Spring Semester in 2022





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